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Uganda’s president Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (74) one of the long-serving president on the Africa continent yesterday exhibited what he is with the gun. At the end of National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP’s Parliamentary caucus meeting they went for the shooting range as the last session where Gen. Museveni ranked high in his one game.

Many NRM MPs failed the shooting range including Buvuma MP Paul Migadde, Kabula MP Joseph Kakooza, Kalungu Woman MP Aisha Ssekindi . MP Lufafa Nelson among others. However, Mr. Museveni at 74 years commonly referred too as Mzee an old man is still good at the rifle. MPs were challenged as the old man was doing excellent opposed to their expectations.

“As we wound-up the NRM Parliamentary Caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi, I joined MPs at the shooting range.” Museveni tweeted.

The NRM MPs Parliamentary Caucus retreat at National Leadership Institute (NALI) ended when MPs passed chairman Museveni’s sole candidature adding him a new five-year term if he wins again in the presidential elections 2021, the bush war general will start another term at 76 years.