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The general public has criticized Uganda religious Leaders not to care about their followers’ well being but target Mr Museveni’s cash handouts.

President Museveni has used religious leaders in Uganda to bless his latest move to be endorsed as NRM sole candidate status in 2021.

Yesterday Bishop of Mityana Diocese, Dr Steven Kaziimba led a service at Kyankwanzi National Leadership Institute (NALI) and the religious team bagged close 150m for the service that blessed Museveni’s sole candidature as he plans to get a five-term from 2021.

During the service, despite the high cost of living in the country, corruption, daily increasing rate of unemployment among others Dr Kazimba praised Mr Museveni for providing good leadership.

NRM MPs at Kyankwanzi praised Bishop Kazimba for the holy service that was full of blessings as the ruling NRM continue to lead the country for the next more years from 2021.

“I thank him for the moving sermon on the need to replace human pride with pride for God. 
It is always good to listen to the word of God because, without belief in him, things can be difficult. Now whatever we do here is blessed.” NRM MP said.

In 2017 at the beginning of the battle of amending the constitution, the Church came out with a baptism card which was giving Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni a green card to contest again in 2021 as the Baptism card lowered Mr Museveni’s age below 75 years by 2021. Many born again pastors have come out openly to criticise Museveni’s competitors openly.

Uganda’s are calling religious leaders to borrow from their counterparts in neighbouring Dr Congo where the church played a pivotal role to end Kabila’s rule.